What career advice can you offer a beginning pilot?

If you plan to fly as a career, you must first earn the basic pilot certificates and ratings -- private pilot certificate, instrument rating, & commercial pilot certificate. While most people think of flying for the airlines, many others job opportunities do exist in aviation - charter flying, corporate flying, aerial patrols, traffic pilot, firefighting, agricultural flying, and flight instructing, to name a few. If your interest is in personal flying, however, all you need is an entry-level pilot certificate -- sport, recreational, or pilot (you can always upgrade later). The bottom line: determine what path you want to follow and set your sights on achieving that goal.
What is SPL?

SPL (Student Pilot Licence) is the licence which enables you to fly as a student till you obtain your CPL.
What is PPL?

PPL (Private Pilot Licence) is the licence which allows a student to fly a private aircraft without any kind of renumeration.
What is CPL?

CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) is the licence after which a student can fly commercially.
How long has the Flight Safety International (FSI), Academy been in business?

For more than 50 years. FlightSafety Academy is one of the world’s leading flight training schools and is an integral part of
FlightSafety International, one of the most trusted names in aviation training.
Where is Flight Safety Campus located?

The Flight Safety campus is located on the in the ideal environment of Florida’s central east coast at Vero Beach. Though FSI has 43 Learning Points in the U.S.., Canada, France and UK.
What Programs does Flight Safety offer?

Flight Safety offers more than 3000 courses for pilot, technicians, flight attendants and dispatchers.
How many pilots Flight Safety trains each year?

Flight Safety train’s 75000 pilots annually , including General, Commercial, Corporate and Defence / Military etc. FSI has Created an excellent and impeccable training record, and achieved several landmarks of excellence in flight training.
What type of instructors does Flight Safety have?

Flight Safety has 1500 well trained, motivated and experienced instructors. Each instructors have more than thousands of hours of experience.
What type of Aircraft / Fleet profile Flight Safety have?

Flight Safety offers more than 135 aircraft models for FAA-approved training. Operates the world’s largest fleet of over 230 FAA-
Certified Simulators.
What kind of facilities & equipment does Flight Safety have?

Flight Safety has its home airport with control tower and instrument approaches.
  • Frasca 142 and 242 training devices.
  • Full motion citation and king air simulators.
  • Full motion, level “D” Saab 2000 and ERJ 145 simulators.
  • Modern Labs, class rooms and courseware.
  • Dedicated aviation library.
  • PCATD Training Devices
  • FAA approved maintenance department and repair station, Etc.
  • Operates the world’s largest fleet of over 230 FAA-Certified Simulators
  • One of the few flight academies to offer GAT spatial disorientation, upset recovery & high –altitude training to draw from in emergency situations.
  • FAA-Approved maintenance department and repair station
Is the academy recognized.Who is the authority to issue the Pilot licence?

Flight Safety Pilot Licenses are well respected & recognized world-wide for their high training standard. Meets international
standards, in accordance with regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India.

On completing the course / training, you will be recognised & awarded Multi Engine Certification with FAA License.
What are the pre requisites for admission into the CPL/FSI Course?
  • You must complete your Class XII under the 10+2 system or its equivalent with Physics and Mathematics (Preferable).
  • You must be minimum 17 for a Commercial Pilot License.
  • You must be able to speak, read and understand English language.
  • Your vision in one eye must be perfect. In general medical terminology, it is called 6/6 eyesight. In the other eye, you could have an imperfection of 6/9, which must be correctable to 6/6.
  • General physical fitness is mandatory. You must be free of any disease that can hamper normal function. Before enrolling students will have to undergo a Class I Medical exam, with appointed doctor, who is FAA approved. Medical Class I Medical Fitness Certificate from a FAA paneled doctor is mandatory at the time of admission.
How long is the CPL (Commercial pilot licence) course?

Duration for the CPL is 40 Weeks, approximately 9-10 months. (depending on the performance of the student)
What topics will I need to learn. What are the theory subjects covered for the CPL course?

Here is a brief overview of some of the topics you will need to master in order to earn a CPL license:

Aircraft systems : The basic components of an airplane, engine, flight controls, instruments, and how they operate.
Aerodynamics : Basic principles of how an airplane is able to leave the ground, and how to control it once airborne.
Navigation : How to use aviation maps and radio navigation aids to get you and your aircraft to your destination.
Weather : Basic concepts of weather formation, how to obtain & interpret weather information that may affect your flight.
Aircraft Operations : Just as there are rules for operating automobiles on roads and highways, there are rules governing the operation of aircraft in the National Airspace System (NAS).
Regulations : The applicable portions of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which govern licensing of pilots and the licensing and operation of aircraft in the USA.
How many hours of flying do you need prior to the issuance of a CPL licence?

To qualify for the CPL licence & as per DGCA guidelines you are required to have minimum 200 hours of flying. In FSI you will
undergo and trained for 225 hours.
What type of aircraft will I fly for flight training?

You will learn & required to fly both single engine & multi engine aircraft.
When does the programs / course start and how soon should I apply?

Throughout the year course starts in the first week of every new month. Ideally you should apply as soon as possible but generally not less than eight (8) weeks prior to course commencement. prior to course commencement.
How to apply to Flight Safety International, Academy. How do I start?

As a first step you are requested to kindly register yourself with Aerostar Aviation. The registration / processing fee for the same is Rs. 25000 (Twenty Five Thousand). The said mentioned amount is to be paid in the form of demand draft (DD). The demand draft should be made in favour of "AEROSTAR AVIATION (P) LTD" payable at Delhi.

Once you have registered, Aerostar Aviation will immediately start with your admission & training process.

Refer Aerostar Aviation for complete admission requirements.
Is this course only for males, or can females can also pursue this course?

Both males and females can pursue this course.
What all documents or particulars candidates are expected to submit at the time of admission?

The Following documents and Particulars to be submitted:
  • $1,100.00 Tuition Deposit / Application Fee.
  • Details of the highest level of education you have reached and attach copies of documentary evidence.
  • Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL score of 550 for written exam, 215 for computer exam. (www.toefl.org)
  • Attested Copies of 10TH Mark Sheet, 10+2 Mark Sheet and School Leaving Certificate For Date of Birth (5 Copies)
  • Proof of documents verifying that you have the financial ability to support your training (Certified Letter from your Bank).
  • Medical Class I / II Fitness Certificate From DGCA Approved Doctor (With X Ray Report If Any) (If Medical done self)
  • Xerox Copy of Photo Id Card (e.g. Driving License, Passport, Pan or Election Card) (5 Copies)
  • Copy of Student Pilot / Flight Certificate (If Any)
  • Digital Passport Size Photograph With Name on Back Side (30 N0.)
  • Passport Copy (5 Copies)
  • Certificate Copy of Birth Certificate
What will be the complete cost to obtain my CPL?

There are a lot of variables that affect the cost of learning to fly, depend greatly on each student’s progression through the program, including the frequency of flight lessons, weather conditions etc.

Refer Aerostar Aviation for complete cost breakdown & other particulars.
How are fees paid?

You don't need to pay this fee all at once. Flight Safety has divided training costs into convenient, more manageable monthly
payments. Fees may be paid in installments on a pay-as-you-go basis, so the cost will be spread out over the time you are working on your license.
What is the schools refund policy?
Registration Fee 50% refundable only in case candidate is unable to clear his/her Medical. Whereas as regards to the tution fees is concerned Flight Safety offers viable benefits and a generous refund policy that returns any unused account balance if you change your mind after enrolling.
What financial aid / assistance is available?

Aerostar Aviation (P) Ltd. has tied up with a bank to assists qualified students and their families in obtaining supplemental funding to meet the cost of education. The goal is to provide help to qualified students who would not be able to attend without assistance. Refer Aerostar Aviation for additional and complete information.
Is there accommodation available at the Flight Safety campus?

Yes, Flight Safety offers variety of on-campus housing options – studio, apartment or dormitory in one-, two- and three-bedroom
layouts. All come fully furnished and equipped with high-speed wireless internet, cable TV, air conditioning and weekly maid
service. The Landing, on a first come first serve basis.

You can also choose off-campus housing – from furnished and unfurnished apartments to rooms in private homes.
Is FSI accredited?

Yes, Flight Safety is fully accredited. It is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); by the U.S. Department of
Education; by the U.S. Department of Justice for non-immigrant training; and is licensed by the commission of Independent
Education, Florida Department of Education, as well as being an accredited member of the Accrediting Commission of Career
Schools and Colleges of Technology.
What career / placement assistance is provided by FSI?

Flight Safety Academy judges its success by your success. That’s why FSI provide comprehensive career assistance to graduates
and alumni through a number of programs. In addition to one-on-one career planning and placement assistance, FSI offer workshop & seminars on interviewing techniques & resume writing. The Academy also sponsors a guest speaker series and informal meetings with aviation industry insiders. FSI Career Center maintains a current list of job openings and a library of hiring requirements and applications for regional airlines and corporate / charter operators. FSI do this for one reason: to prepare you for the career you’ve always wanted.
I heard that some Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements must be fulfilled before I can receive flight
training. How will these requirements affect me?

You're referring to the TSA's alien flight training & citizenship validation rule. The effects of this rule depend on whether you are a U.S. citizen or an alien.
What is required for foreign students to receive U.S. flight training?

Any person not a citizen or national of the United States. This also refers to resident aliens (green-card holders) and visa holders in the United States, and those seeking pilot training in United States are required to complete a background verification check
process with TSA. Students must meet Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements described in TSA's Alien Flight
Student Program. This makes it mandatory for foreign students to go through Homeland security check, further to be assessed to determine whether you are suitable for entry to the course or training. Students have to get a security clearance & approval, Prior to begin & Initiate any flight training.

Refer Aerostar Aviation for complete information and assistance.
What is Alien Flight Student Program?

The mission of the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) is to ensure that foreign students seeking training at flight schools
regulated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) do not pose a threat to aviation or national security. Section 612 of the vision
100 – Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act (Public Law 108-176, December 12, 2003) prohibits flight schools regulated by
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from providing flight training to a foreign student unless the secretary of Homeland
Security first determines that the student does not pose a threat to aviation or national security. Vision 100 transferred responsibility for conducting security threat assessments for foreign students seeking flight training from the Department of Justice to the Department of Homeland Security. On September 20, 2004, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued an interim final rule establishing the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP).
What steps are to be followed to get a TSA security clearance. Is there any cost involved & how to go about it?

As a first step, Candidate is required to register themselves with TSA online. Yes, TSA charges 130$ as processing fee. Fees for the same ($130) to be paid by the candidate itself.

Students are advised & requested not to complete the TSA registration by themselves unless Aerostar confirms for the same.
Students are bound to face lot of complication & confusion following to the registration process. Students are recommended and
advised to complete the registration only in the presence of Aerostar Aviation personnel’s. Aviation will Personally assist students
in completing the TSA registration formalities, accordingly to minimize failure rate.
What kind of visa does the school offer?

Flight Safety Academy is approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to issue the documents for M-1 & J-1 Visas.
All international students who are not U.S. legal aliens must train under the M-1 or J-1 Visa.
How do I apply for a student visa?

When the school receives payment of the deposit an official receipt and electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Letter will be sent to you. This letter will detail full instructions to prepare you for your visa application. You Apply to the US Embassy for your visa.

Aerostar representatives will assist and work with qualified students to make the enrollment process as simple as possible.
For complete information as regards to Course Outline, Training Schedule & Programme, Registration, Fee Structure, Visa Assistance, Finance Assistance / Option and Placement etc, please feel free to get in touch with Aerostar Aviation (P) Ltd.
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