Engine Management

Additionally, Aerostar Aviation has emerged as a premier after-market reseller of turbo-jet engines and turbo-jet engine parts for helicopters and large transport aircraft. Product depth and diversity are our hallmarks. The engine types serviced and supplied by us encompass the vast majority of the total world jet engine supply and include those manufactured by General Electric, CFMI, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and many others.

The Commercial Engines Parts division supports over numerous major customers around the globe with a wide range of value-added products and services. Commercial Engines' extensive inventory of engine components is linked to a global re-distribution network that supports a large and diverse customer base.

A dedicated team supports every customer and engine product line, delivering a high level of product expertise that meets customers’ expectations. This specialization allows our teams to stay abreast of a dynamic market place as well as the needs of our customers. This matching of customer requirements with tailored solutions significantly enhances supply chain management and ultimately lowers total cost of ownership. For customers who need to overhaul an existing engine, Aerostar Aviation pioneered a short-term lease to bridge that availability gap. We also accept engine exchanges and provide a broad range of engine modules for all high technology engines in its inventory.