Aero Kool Corporation

Aero Kool Corporation, established in 1959, specializes in the repair, overhaul and sales of a continually expanding list of aircraft airframe and engine accessories.

Aero Kool Corporation is a FAA, EASA, DGAC approved repair shop for airframe and engine accessories.

Their Repair and Overhaul capabilities cover Airframe and Engine Accessories for all makes and models, a partial of which is as below.

Air Cycle Machines (ACM's)
Air Starters
Fuel Heaters
Heat Exchangers
Oil Coolers
Oil Tanks
Refrigeration Packs
Lube/Oil Scavenge Pumps
Water Separators
Pneumatic Valves
Electro Pneumatic Valves and Electro Mechanical Valves
Linear and Rotary Actuators
Air conditioning Fans
Cabin Temperature and Anti-Ice Pressure Controllers